2021 Festival Videos

Welcome to our Video Page, where you can find all the Highlights films and Videos from the first weekend of the festival.

Online Groups Concert Sunday 21st February

This was a very challenging festival for groups. We modified our categories to 3 different classes- ‘together apart ‘ videos, recorded with participants in different locations, ‘household bubbles’ , families coming together to make music, and ‘socially distanced groups’ (which also included groups such as primary school who were not required to distance). The socially distanced groups section was sadly affected by the latest lockdown as not all entries were able to submit, but the overall mix is a heartwarming group of really interesting and varied performances. Take a look.. highly recommended.


Scottish Country Dancing

The festival is missing its Scottish Country Dancers and we know they are missing their dancing!  Please enjoy this video which the local branch of the RSCDS have put together and fingers crossed they will be back very soon..


Composition  SATURDAY 20th FEBRUARY

Another fascinating mix of original work, both musical and poetry from local primary aged pupils. You will find real variety here, culminating in 4 very different entries for our Celtic Composition Class. A very enjoyable video.

Bagpipes and Chanter THURSDAY 18th FEBRUARY

The Festival proudly opened with our chanter and Bagpipes classes adjudicated by les Hutt. Here are a selection of our entries for you to enjoy.

Saturday 20th February

The Festival fiddle section is always very popular, and this year was very popular, with fiddle performance lending itself well to an online platform. Here are a range of fiddle performances and tunes, from beginners through to the Open category.

 Traditional Scottish Music FRIDAY 19th FEBRUARY

Take a look at this video for a real winter treat, with a wide variety of Scottish music from Accordion, Whistle, Clarsach and Vocal.