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Inverness Festival Association

Scottish Charity No.
SC 013357

Inverness Festival Association is affiliated to The British and International Federation of Festivals for Music, Speech and Dance.


To be held at 7.30pm 29th July 2015, in the "Studio", Spectrum Centre, Margaret Street, Inverness. The Music Festival is deperately in need of new volunteers. In particular, we need someone willing to become Chairman. Additionally, we need people to help in the day-to-day administration. If we are unsuccessful, the continuing existence of the Festival is in serious doubt.

Inverness Music Festival
27th February - 9th March 2016

Highlights Concert
11th June 2016

The Inverness Music Festival and the Highlights concerts are run by the Inverness Festival Association. There are some other events linked here that may also be of interest. These events are run by many of the same people who help the Festival Association.
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