Inverness Music Festival 

The Inverness Festival Association hold a Festival of Music and Performing Arts annually.

The 2021 festival was virtual and took place February – March 2021.

     Inverness Festival’s motto is ‘Performance for Everyone‘. We strive to find performance opportunities for all ages and all stages of amateur performers, both competitive and non-competitive.

 Our activities range from music, traditional, classical and contemporary, voice and instrumental, to dancing, and also the spoken word – poetry, drama.

   Here is a wonderful performance of Gabriel’s Oboe by members of Highland Young Musicians Wind Band which featured during the 2021 Virtual Festival. We do hope to see some of them in person next year.


2022 will be our Centenary year. Would you like to get involved? Use these pages to find out more. or email us on We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions. We also welcome all offers of help, both resources and financial. We ae run entirely by volunteers.

Do you have any photos of bygone times? We are building up a gallery for next year.


Traditional Music…..   Click here to see highlights from our traditional music section in 2021. We have sessions for groups and soloists. Whatever instrument you play (or if you sing), you can get involved.

Classical and Contemporary Music…. Click here to see highlights from our Strings Section in 2021. if you are learning an instrument, why not work towards taking part in 2022? We also have sessions for composers, ensembles, bands and orchestras.


Here is a video made by our Scottish Country Dancers in 2021. We hope to see Dancing back next year. We really enjoyed our online Step Dancing and Highland Dance classes this year and hope to incorporate other forms of Dance in next year’s programme.

Inverness Music Festival 2021 – Scottish Country Dancing from Angus Lyall on Vimeo.

Spoken Word

 We had a wonderful poetry section in this year’s festival and hope to build on this. Are you interested in poetry and would you be interested in helping us? Do get in touch. We had lots of original poetry from children. Click here to see a selection. We also enjoyed poetry recitals and discussion. We run public speaking and debating contests too!


We welcome entries in Gaelic. Click here  for a selection of this year’s performances in Gaelic.

 Click here  to see our Winners Booklet for 2021. Be inspired!


Have you thought about giving us a small donation? Please help, every £1 counts.