Inverness Music Festival is 100 years Old!

 Inverness Festival’s motto is ‘Performance for Everyone‘. We strive to find performance opportunities for all ages and all stages of amateur performers, both competitive and non-competitive.

Our activities range from music, traditional, classical and contemporary, voice and instrumental, to dancing, and also the spoken word – poetry, drama.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Centenary Festival which was held both online and live at Merkinch Community Centre.

Thank you also to all our sponsors including Inverness Common Good Fund, Loch Ness Pianos, Inverness Choral Society, Inverness and District SCDS, TMSA,  individual sponsors, ad thanks to Arnold Clark Community Lottery.

Here are some of our Centenary Highlights… featuring a selection of performances and compositions across the wide range of events.

 Premier Competition Winners

Congratulations to Violet Matheson, winner of the Curtis Craig Trophy for Classical Music and to Grace Kelman, winner of the Elisabeth Davis Trophy for traditional music. Congratulations and thanks also to all of the participants in our premier concerts

See the names of all our class Winners  here.


If you have enjoyed the festival, please remember that we cannot bring you these events without financial support and without help. If you have time or skills to offer please get in touch. If you havent made a donation, then please use the Total Giving tab- all contributions, however small are much appreciated.

Many thanks again to Merkinch Community Centre,

Loch Ness Pianos, Inverness Common Good Fund. Arnold Clark Community Lottery, Inverness Choral Society, Inverness Branch of the Scottish Country Dancing Society, individual donors and sponsors, and each and every one of our volunteers.

Email : Do let us know your feedback- Venue? Timing? Suggestions?

MEMORY BOOKLET COMING SOON! (Hard Copies available on request)