The services of an official accompanist are available to all performers in classes indicated in the syllabus

Brass All live classes
Strings  All  live classes
Woodwind All live classes
Traditional Vocal All live classes
Vocal All live classes
Choral  Choirs may perform to backing track or provide their own accompanist.


If the services of an official accompanist are required then  a copy of the music must be uploaded via Play and Perform.

In many classes, performers can bring their own accompanist, who may be a teacher or group leader, if they wish. Please check the syllabus carefully for any exclusions.

Applicant should indicate on entry form if the services of the official accompanist are required. For certain classes rehearsal time with the accompanist may be arranged through the festival administrator, but there may be a charge for this which should be negotiated directly with the accompanist.

It is possible to arrange for a recorded accompaniment to be used for videos by special arrangement. There will be a small additional fee.

If intending to use a backing track please discuss arrangements with the festival office on