Inverness Music Festival provides opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to develop their potential in a wide range of musical, dance and speech events. There is something to suit everyone so come along and have a go. All performers are adjudicated and given a written appraisal of their performance. Some classes are run as competitions, but others are run as showcases and are fully non-competitive. Any class can be entered on a non-competitive basis.

Overview of Performng


Entry into Inverness Music Festival is open to any amateur individual or group. It is not just for children! So if you happen to be an adult, please feel welcome to enter.
Entries may be submitted by either the individual (if over 18 years) or by their parent or guardian. In the case of schools or clubs entry is by the teacher or leader.


All the live competitions are open to audiences. Providing an opportunity to perform before an audience is one of the main aims of the Festival. So come along to any of the competitions you would like to watch.

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