Virtual Competition

How to record your video

You can use a phone or other device. Try to look towards the light rather than have a window behind you. Work in a brightly lit area. Support your phone or tablet on a stand so that your performance technique is visible.

Introducing your Video

We need you to introduce your recording with your name and the title of the piece. You also need to mention Inverness Music Festival, and in some circumstances, the date (to show that you are being consistent with government regulations).

How to upload your video

Instructions are available on Play and Perform. Register via our homepage. The uplodaing process is via dropbox and the entry form will direct you to this.


You have a few options.

– There will be no penalisation in the marks for those who are unable to play with accompaniment.

–  You can download a backing track for your piece (eg from the ABRSM website).

–  You can provide your own accompanist (subject to government regulations at the time of recording).

– If you would like us to record a bespoke accompaniment, please get in touch. An extra fee will be payable. We are unable to guarantee all accompaniments will be suitable for this service.

Questions and Problems

Please get in touch